Teka Dances

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This is a watercolor I did of Teka dancing in her antigravitational unit.

Uploaded by Death at 22:16 on 01 December


Ode to the Good Olde Dayes.

Posted 22:17
Wed 16 December
by Death

A long long time ago, when there wasn't that much competition on the internet, Death started a little comic called Avenia online. Within months it was a real hit with fans that even - gasp - did fan-art.

And then Death lost her home and everything went bye-bye.

Death has often thought about this comic and her plans for it. It was written in it's entirety with a planned ending. It wasn't even meant to be a long comic; it was just a comic making a statement about oppression and federal abuse. Simple, huh.

This website is the home of the Avenia pages of days past. When Death finishes one of her other projects, she intends to return to Avenia and start again. She just has to wait, for fear of putting too much on her plate.

Read and enjoy. Shoot her an email if you like. Let her know you stopped by.

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