Filk Update

Let’s talk a moment about the filk my friend wrote for me. I think I’m ready to record. The lyrics are… well they’re not 100% how I like ’em but they probably never will be that. =^-^= I had to take my friend’s lyrics and make them fit the song. Her lyrics had great points but too many syllables.

In case you forgotten, the tune is from Johnathon Coulton’s “Want You Gone” from video game fame Portal 2. The filk is referencing Kim Harrison’s Ever After, a book I really should read if I can find the time. And this is where the fact I don’t play an instrument comes in, because obviously this means I can’t make my own musical arrangement. Well, if I wanted it to be straight tambourine I guess that would work but it doesn’t really.

The only voiceless musical arrangement I can find is by Coulton himself, so I found him on Facebook and shot him a message today. One should do that anyway, so okay dokay fine.

Hopefully he’ll get back to me on it. In the meantime I may take a look on triberr and see if I can find a guitar player willing to play it for me so that I can step a bit away from Coulton’s music – I love his arrangement piece. I think using it is slightly disrespectful.

And hopefully¬† he’ll say yes.