Computer maintenance – that important and semi-annual thing that keeps me and my small business going. I’ve been working on getting the computer back into shape for a couple of weeks now, being as I had another outage. I’m getting good at catching these things ahead of time, though, and am trying to take to stocking up parts for emergencies. Right now I’m using a main hard drive that has some questionable spots on it, but every time I start over I lose things so I’m hanging in there as long as I can. And it’s one thing at a time.

When I go through this process, I tend to make 3D artwork for artwork’s sake. So here I am to show off the latest piece:

Star Taur by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

I’m rendering another one as I type, because the objects I used needed tweaking. This last piece above had a better reaction than most of my things, which makes me glad. And I like making centaurs. I’d say that I’m going to do a series of them, but everytime I make plans like that something happens. So. I like making centaurs. I’m rendering a second one as I work on the 3D parts it takes. And. Neigh.

I don’t want to turn this blog into strictly an art blog because… no. But people have requested my prints. So I’m going to add a feature here for people to have the option. When I do a cover reveal (a practice I hope to begin soon with the next up and coming book we’re working on producing), if the artwork is open I can do that then. Same goes for other things I’ve made. In this way perhaps I can garner some more funds to support the visual novel project and The Heavenly Bride among other things.

To buy this print in poster form for $25: [nicepaypallite name=”Star Taur” amount=”25.00″]