C is for…

M’kay so real update time.

Hubby and I both have #COVID.

He’s worse off than I am.He was sick the day of the convention I went to last weekend (Burgcon, pretty decent little thing), so of course didn’t attend. I was soon to follow with feeling like crap. On retrospect, even though I wasn’t sick yet, I wish I hadn’t gone to the convention but I am not the fortune teller my father is.

For me it was a couple of days of sleeping and taking lots of stuff to keep my nose running. For him it’s just ongoing.I have always weathered things better than him. Something about me being willing to take my vitamins and supplements properly among other things like a healthier liver. Vitamin D absorbs if you take it with protein, for example. I’m always nagging him to eat with his Vitamin D. I’ve never seen him do it unless I corner him and force an egg into his mouth.

A friend thoughtfully sent us a small bit of groceries – considering we’re out of some stuff. Among it was Hi-C orange or some such, with Vitamin D. Tim Belcher told me today that these drinks made it so he doesn’t have to take the real vitamins or drink his echinacea tea. (Getting why he’s worse off than I am yet?) Please don’t enable my husband to be stupid. He’s doing it well enough on his own.


My current gripe is the inability to get tea bags. We have other stuff. I need tea to drink because I M R Southern and need tea to drink or I shall shrivel up and turn into powder.

Well, that and the inability to pay bills. With him sick on the couch, the pay we were anticipating that would have mostly caught us up this month is literally cut in half.

Oh, and the damn cats have went into heat again today. They had appointments this week through a friend we postponed because we were quarantining. This is the 2nd time COVID has gotten in the way of getting these cats spayed. I swear this COVID virus loves the idea of me having a trillion cats.