OMG… a con

The time of year has finally rolled around: OMGcon has opened their submissions for June’s convention. Of course I was one of the first to submit my application. There’s no guarantee I’ll get in just because I was there last year, but I hope I do. Quite a few people at the convention had asked me what new art I was planning as they were expecting I’d make it back. Then there was the one gentleman who remembered me from way way before. And just… yes. I need to go back.

With that settled and out of the way, I’m trying to keep myself on track. I got sick again, ending up in the emergency room again, and once again am behind on my daily things. But I try dammit.

Last night I took a me moment and I made the following:

Aye Sir by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

Why yes. Yes I do watch Fairy Tail. And even though I like Fairy Tail a whole heap, you’ll note that my art repertoire still has less than 50% fan art. I can’t help it. I just like doing my own thing.

I want to tell you more, but the truth is I should go back to work. Well I will stop a moment and tell you that I’m planning a rerelease of The Page of Cups.  With the publishing venture in full swing, it’s only natural to do so. Once it’s out, I’ll be going back to worrying about writing The Demonkeeper’s Daughter and handling a few other things.

The Rare

Today I present to you some art for art’s sake. This is a piece that I started several years ago. I needed a break from commissions, so I decided to do it.

In other news, a lot of the items I’ve had up at etsy will be taken down and put into a little store called Fuzz Wuzzie. The store’s website isn’t quite open just yet, but the items are already in the store’s mall outlet. Here’s the website. Check it out.