Move On

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of years now. It’s a filk based from Johnathon Coulton’s Want You Gone from the Portal 2 game. The reference is the book Everafter by Kim Harrison.

I tried recording it, going to keep the official recording only here, but it doesn’t sound right no matter what I do. In the instrumental versions I was able to find, the sound is very techno – considering the original is from the point of view of a testing robot. In my version, I would prefer a simple guitar. I don’t play guitar. I barely play tambourine. So uh… can’t happen.

So here are the lyrics and a raw recording of me just singing it. And I am… moving on.

Moving On

Now you’re leaving again.

I thought we’d last forever

I couldn’t see you for what you really were.

Then I fell for your tricks

And when I started falling

I found my heart falling down out of the bliss of love


You got your little life still

How is that working out?

I’ll just leave you to live it

Cuz I only want to move on.

What the hell is the deal?

You need to find a hobby

Something better then selling bits of me

You’ve ruined so many lives

I hope there is some justice

Maybe what you did to us happens right back to you

God what did I see in you?

I can’t remember now.

They say you’re Newt’s familiar

But I only want to move on.

If it were not for Trent

You’d be a rotting carcass

But I guess I have things to thank you for

I’ve learned a lot by you

Made friends with elves and demons

And found a new resolve I thought I could never know

Go live your life’s disaster

I’m only moving on

Seems you’ve got a real problem

But I only want to move on

Now I only want to move on

Now I only want you gone.



Filk Update

Let’s talk a moment about the filk my friend wrote for me. I think I’m ready to record. The lyrics are… well they’re not 100% how I like ’em but they probably never will be that. =^-^= I had to take my friend’s lyrics and make them fit the song. Her lyrics had great points but too many syllables.

In case you forgotten, the tune is from Johnathon Coulton’s “Want You Gone” from video game fame Portal 2. The filk is referencing Kim Harrison’s Ever After, a book I really should read if I can find the time. And this is where the fact I don’t play an instrument comes in, because obviously this means I can’t make my own musical arrangement. Well, if I wanted it to be straight tambourine I guess that would work but it doesn’t really.

The only voiceless musical arrangement I can find is by Coulton himself, so I found him on Facebook and shot him a message today. One should do that anyway, so okay dokay fine.

Hopefully he’ll get back to me on it. In the meantime I may take a look on triberr and see if I can find a guitar player willing to play it for me so that I can step a bit away from Coulton’s music – I love his arrangement piece. I think using it is slightly disrespectful.

And hopefully  he’ll say yes.