Bride from the Dead

Dare I say that things are looking up for The Heavenly Bride. But I hesitated to get happy just yet.

It was “Heavenly Bride Day”, and where my printer is *still* down I found something else that needed to be done. So now the Heavenly Bride official homepage sports a new look. Well, I would have done the new look anyway because that’s what I do from time to time… but that’s how it goes.

You can no longer read all the way up to where I am at now through the website. You can read chapter one, though, and parts of chapter two. The website also has a link to the Wôks Print bookstore to order books, if you so desire. I kept the wallpapers, and I will still be making new wallpapers for fans to have for free on occasion. Hrm. What else… I also kept most of the art for your viewing pleasure as well. Overall, with the lack of membership clutter and other items the website is looking a lot cleaner and more streamlined. I even created new artwork to decorate the page with.

The printer’s problem is still being addressed, mind you. My guest room is now the printer room as part of the solution. It has the least dust and animal fur there, which is where the problem begins. I’m out of ink, so I can’t tell you if the problem has been solved just yet. When new ink arrives, I shall knoweth.