• Dandelion Corner is a little corner on growing independent radio spectrum whose main focus is to bring good novelty, filk*, Renn fair and folk music to your ears. We don’t offer any memberships (although you can donate to keep us going if you like). Just lots of listening.
  • Artists who get their music on here that have it registered with BMI or a similar royalty management service are supposed to get a kickback through our hosts, Live365 automatically. We can’t vouch for that yet, but we have a sneaking feeling the kickbacks are based on how many listeners we get.
  • Our main focus is independent artists, although we do sometimes play more mainstream and well-known names such as Weird “Al” Yankovic and They Might Be Giants. It depends on the song! But realize that because we’re here mostly for the independent voices in the novelty music/filk and folk spectrum, most of what we play may be the best music you’ve never heard.
  • If you would like your music to appear in our programming, we invite you to reach out and contact us. Before you do, please be advised of the following things:
    • Make sure your music is a fit. Even if your music content is within our description goal, if the sound is too far off from the rest of our lineup we may not be able to fit it in with the rest of the songs… yet. We’re not seeking anything too harsh-sounding or weird-sounding; we have an audience with a wide range of tastes, which leaves us trying to stay near the middle lane.
    • We absolutely have no interest in any songs that have divisive politics. This includes but is not limited to a) putting down others based on the color of their skin – and no you do not get a pass if you think this means everyone but you. b) pointing a political, religious or lifestyle finger in any direction c) songs about how another person is bad, talk of revenge, or anything that directly frames another existing group as bad. You know who you are. and d) anything else that may alienate another person.
      1. Keep in mind, this does not mean that everything played here is going to fit your personal politics. We, the station owners, come from a multicultural household and can laugh at ourselves. We expect you to be able to do the same. We are not even sorry if you do not like a particular song/artist/issue here. Go cancel and censor people somewhere else.
  • If you do decide to submit, submit your song in mp3, stereo format at 128 to 132 kps. It must be compressed and clean! It doesn’t have to sound perfectly off the radio, but it does need to sound good. Make sure the metadata in your song is 100% correct from the title down to your or your band name, website and embedded album cover. When a song plays on the Live365 app, a download link appears in the bottom right to help listeners find you and make a purchase. In order for that link to appear, the system needs to match you up with Apple Music. We wish it matched up in other places, but we’re taking what we can get.
    1. You can use a nifty program called Audio Ranger to get all of that correct.
    2. Bear in mind, we’ve started to get a lot of requests from people to put their stuff on the station. AMAZING! THANK YOU! Also remember, that there’s no point if no one is actually listening to the station. Spread the word about us and, if you’ve got some time, take a listen
    3. When contacting us, please provide a good download link so we can get your stuff into our database as quickly as possible. You can use the contact form below.



      • Filk music is generally considered to be music dealing with science fiction, fantasy and other fannish topics. This includes star shanties, btw! Filkers also tend to sing about cats a lot. Or scientific topics like star patterns or how to make gun powder.**
        1. **The best way we have come to describe filk music is to call it “Koombaya for geeks” and leave it at that.
        2. For the sake of this station, we are considering “nerd music” such as wizard rock and nerd folk/nerd core – all born after filk – to be a type of filk.