Blackstone the Magic Detective

We thought it would be fun in our line-up if we included an Easter Egg of sorts, and what has been decided on for the interim is Blackstone the Magic Detective, an old radio show that was based on a comic. It used to air on Sundays at 2:45 PM… and so we’re airing it on Sundays, ideally at 2:45 Eastern.

The show, for all of it’s faults coming from its era, is a feast of magic nerd information. Every single show teaches a magic trick; simple things for kids and the odd enthusiast. How to trick a person using numbers when counting coins, for example.

Starring Edwin Jerome as “the world’s greatest living magician,” the radio series is based on real-life magician Harry Blackstone, Sr.

The series was originally announced by Don Hancock from October 1948 through June 1949, and Alan Kent from July 1949 through to the end of the series in March, 1950. The background organ music was supplied by Bill Meeder. Scripts were mostly by Walter B. Gibson, the ghostwriter of Blackstone’s books, and Nancy Webb, who worked with Gibson on Chick Carter, Boy Detective.

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