Cheeze Pleeze is a half hour comedy radio program, highlighting the some crazy music. Hosted by Snarfdude and Daffodil, their weekly shenanigans can often put them almost anywhere, and the music they play really does bring you the wacky, warped and weird every week. They do not lie when they say, “Cheeze, pleeze.”

With radio magic often referred to as “Theatre of the Mind”, their adventures have taken them to outer space, the north pole and even the local mall. They’ve gone from living in a van to a bunker, but do get back on the road in their van looking for cheezy music in thrift stores, yard sales, anywhere they can find it.

It’s a fun, foolish and entertaining weekly half hour program that goes pretty quick. It’s even been called “a tornado on the radio” as it flies by so fast you wonder what you just heard.

We’re pleased to be able to add them to our show lineup at 5PM Tuesdays. Sometimes we even give you a double dose.

More details are on the website at

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