Announcement: Disney, I was here FIRST!

I’ve been planning a comic based on the tale of Greylegs for many many years. With Frozen just getting released in theaters and the fact that Disney is running short on fairy tales to mangle, I feel it’s best that I announce today (my 42nd birthday, December 7 2013) my intention to create this story.

If Disney then wants to buy the rights to use my comic as a screenplay and mangle it further, they’d be welcome so long as they didn’t purchase the rights I would hold dear. 😉


I’m often amazed at why certain other companies that reproduce fairy tales would reject it, usually on the basis that the female is not a strong lead. I find the female a very strong lead. When I was a child this was my favorite fairy tale, and I would reread the book again and again. I loved it so much that when my elementary school was giving away our textbooks they gave me a copy of the book that had the fairy tale and favorite art inside. I will always love this story (providing it’s done correctly).

The Plot:

It’s not your typical girl in peril story because the peril isn’t thanks to an evil witch or even an accidental curse. It’s because of hubris, pride, and the power of a special promise. So our girl, a spoiled princess, finds herself humbled. It is through that humbling she finds happiness. And of course, true love, in proper fairy tale fashion.

My Intent:

I’m probably going to mangle the story.

Yeah I know. But I want some spellwork in there. Maybe I’ll add a talking cat. That could be the spellwork. And fire. There’s going to be a fire.

Where I’m At Now:

I’ve poked at the script and character development here and there, but I’m still in the research phases. There’s more than one version of this story out there. Before I begin writing I’d like to have looked at them all.

I intend to begin Greylegs just as soon as Heavenly Bride or 10 Confessions & A Kiss are finished. Either one, it won’t matter. The newly cleared spot is reserved for Greylegs.



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