The Brat

For those of you who miss Akashik as much as I do, I present to you a short story entitled


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Plot and Setting

Set in a time before Taus ever became the World Eater or even had set foot in school, the ruling Adonai spends a lot of government resources to exterminate the Lyran populace within his borders. This short story that follows Anja, a girl whose main job in her small tribe is to look after ‘The Brat’. It drives Anja crazy that The Brat gets away with anything she wants like getting muddy at the creek or throwing temper tantrums in the village square. Her mother, the village priestess, tries to get her to be patient but seriously! All she does is make messes and get in the way! What a BRAT!

When their village is attacked by no less than one of the big cheese’s elite, you must guide Anja to escape with The Brat and live to tell the tale.

Format and Features

This will be the first visual novel I’ve made instead of played. So… Features? Seriously? This is going to be a short story! But…

Several bad endings, only one good ending
English voice acting
Custom art
Hopefully animated sequences. Hopefully.

The game is being built using the very popular and widely used ren’py platform. It’s going to have my artwork (of course), my story, a little animation, and I hope a very interesting tale to tell.


As of 8-20-215, we are finally at the screenshot stage. How exciting!!!!!!! Here’s a gallery of things for you to enjoy.


Making this visual novel is a bit more than I can handle by myself so I’m not alone in this one. I gotta give credit to:

  • Seeking¬†programmer of great genius!
  • Tim Belcher
  • Myself
  • Leslie Fish

Yep. We’re a team of three at this time.


Basic script done
Flow chart done
Opening sequences almost done
Animations in planning
Characters almost done
Other art also in progress
Actual game code begun

Oh You Wanna Get Involved?

Awesome… because nothing makes me happier than seeing readers who care. Even if they only just wanna say they care.

At this time in The Brat‘s development, I only need one thing: funding. With funding I can consider other things like…

  • 1. Pay my programmer what they actually deserve instead of next to nothing.
  • 2. Hire voice actors!
  • 3. Replace broken computer equipment for faster production!
  • 4. Buy music and other needs!

If you’re interested in helping out, you can go to the payment gateway I set up for clients and send a donation of any amount. Folks who donate over $5 will get a mention in the credits! I’d offer more perks, but I just dunno what to give…


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