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The Writers of the Apocalypse

The Writers of the Apocalypse (WoTA) is the fictitious business name and publishing imprint to Katrina Joyner. It was originally just a coalition of various comic book creators bent on telling the story of Akashik. Over the years it has grown.

If you wish to purchase our books, or to simply leave a comment about one you may have read, please visit our online bookstore Wôks Print. Wôks is a Mohegan word meaning fox, making the imprint name a slight play on words.

If you’re interested in submitting your work to be published through us, please study our submission guidelines. We also suggest strongly you become familiar with what has been published before to get an idea on whether your work will belong with Wôks Print – but also do not be discouraged! We’ll give your work a fair look regardless of how well you think it may fit.


You can also advertise through the Writers of the Apocalypse. If you are an independent publisher or small press, we might advertise your book in an open back page slot of our next book. Each of our books will have a maximum of 3 areas in which you may place your advertisement. A full page slot is $50, and a half page slot is $30. Payments must be made in advance and, except in extreme circumstances, there will be no refunds. For more information, feel free to contact Katrina Joyner.

Katrina Joyner

Katrina Joyner is the founder of the Writers of the Apocalypse. Of the original team, she’s also the only one left. It gets a little lonely, but being an author and helping other authors to get their work out there is in her blood. It’s like a driving force and she can’t help herself.

This blog is not a professional blog meant only for announcing company plans. It’s her personal blog, helping to give the Writers of the Apocalypse just the right personal touch. She has learned over the years that people who do not warm up to her personal, friendly and giving nature are usually not people she would want to do business with anyway.

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