Do You Wanna Get Some Work Done?

An art deadline was missed tonight at midnight. It’s like the umpteenth time this has happened. Being as the song “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen is stuck in my head, it couldn’t help but metamorph into a filk. Wrote it in a few minutes. I’m sure it needs work, but wanted to record it somewhere. Enjoy.

Um. You can play this and stuff, but all commercial rights reserved.


Do you wanna get some work done?
You know the deadline is today.
Clients are waiting by the phone
Sending emails
I bet my rep on you
And now it’s burned
I wish you would get things done!
Please fucking get some work done
It doesn’t have to be a Madonna.
(Just done.)

If you don’t get me some work done
Or at least speed up your damn pace
And stop arguing with me about deadlines
I’ll start talking to
Someone ready for a job
(Wtf everyone’s so lazy)
Shut down your video game
And finish that paaaagggeeee

Just watching the deadlines swoosh by
(swoosh swoosh swoosh)

Feral artist?
The clients know you’re in there.
People are asking where their pictures are
They say “we’re finding someone else than you”
Running out of work cause I let you in
Art reps bring work and pay
To pay the bills
What am I gonna do?

Do you wanna go job hunting?
You’d better go job hunting.

Heard Back!

Well I didn’t hear from Johnathon Coulton (JoCo) but I did hear from one of his minions, who said, “Hi Kat — Joco’s disfigured henchman, Scarface, here. Thanks for your message. All of Jonathan’s music is under creative Commons licensing, so as long as you’re not making money you can use his music in your art most any way you like. HOWEVER — the only songs excluded from this are the two portal songs, as those are owned by the video game company that commissioned them. If you want to be totally sure of your usage, you can email (message reducted by this poster), who might be able to help you more with this one. Best wishes — Scarface”

Even though I’ve already determined what I’m doing is covered by the law, I shall make contact to this portal contact and see what happens.