Rabbit and Moon

It’s February Album Writing Month (FAWM), and I’m participating. I think it’s my second year?

You’re supposed to write, or try to write, 14 songs — an album. My problem? I write one or two and either get sick, get busy, or decide I want to polish the ones I’ve written into something better rather than carrying on writing more crap.

… I’m kind of at that point now. On the other hand, I wrote more than last time.

So I thought I’d share Rabbit and Moon with you. I’ve got it in a special album at Bandcamp called The Fawms. The songs here are free. The catch is I might remove them later and either they get put in a vault or I try to record something decent for the album in the works.

It’s a traditional story… because I’d tried to kill Rabbit in another song and I felt a little guilty, so I gave him his own.