Rabbit and Moon

It’s February Album Writing Month (FAWM), and I’m participating. I think it’s my second year?

You’re supposed to write, or try to write, 14 songs — an album. My problem? I write one or two and either get sick, get busy, or decide I want to polish the ones I’ve written into something better rather than carrying on writing more crap.

… I’m kind of at that point now. On the other hand, I wrote more than last time.

So I thought I’d share Rabbit and Moon with you. I’ve got it in a special album at Bandcamp called The Fawms. The songs here are free. The catch is I might remove them later and either they get put in a vault or I try to record something decent for the album in the works.

It’s a traditional story… because I’d tried to kill Rabbit in another song and I felt a little guilty, so I gave him his own.


I travelled thousands of miles for this interview (Leslie Fish)

Last summer I drove from Florida/Illinois to Arizona to archive Leslie Fish’s unrecorded songs. As a bonus I did an interview. I am told other people have done interviews of the “pioneer filkers” in the past, and that they’re digitized at a college library whose name I can’t recall offhand (if I find out where and can, I’ll post a link.). Still. You can never get enough information from your elders. They are the holders of the past and things you can build and learn from. (There are so many reasons why elders traditionally get respect, y’all.)
Eli, from Prometheus Music, has been editing the interviews for public consumption. Here is part 1. <!–more–>

Here is Part II:

And finally Part III (all that’s up so far):


I hate the way I read the questions in these things. LOL. I was trying to be extra articulate and only sound extra stupid.